alrighty blog friends.

i’m working on a very special project. one that honors a very specific group of mama’s. ideally, i was going to have a video blog to attach to this post to explain a little more of my heart…..but it turned out to be a bit trickier than i thought. so i’ll have to attach it later.


like i mentioned, i’m need the help of certain mama’s. mama’s that have lost babies. either due to miscarriage. birth defect. or, for other reasons, never came home from the hospital with a baby in their arms.

not to devalue any other mamas who have lost children, or ANYONE who has lost ANYONE. and not to devalue the daddy’s that were in this process as well. i just feel like i need to work with this very specific group of ladies.

and i need those ladies to be prepared to be honest. with me, themselves, others, and the camera. i realize that’s alot to ask. and i realize that it may not be for everyone. but i know there are those out there who are comfortable doing so, and if that’s you, than i’d love to have your help with this project.

i’ll be honest….i am not quite sure where this will go. or what the purpose of it is exactly. i just know, deep in my heart, that this is something that i am supposed to do. and that there is something that needs to be communicated through photographs, be that honor for these sweet mama’s. or the reality of the emotions that occur and must be faced when walking through a storm like this….or acknowledgement of these babies….and that they are not forgotten….or replaced.

as i said before….i just know i’m supposed to do it. not entirely sure what the outcome will be.

but if you’re interested, even slightly, please shoot me an email {} and just put “mama project” in the subject line. i’ll be shooting for this project on april 16, so you’ll need email quickly. i’ll send you a bit more info of what i’m thinking and you can decide from there if it’s something you’d be comfortable being a part of.  no payment. no “trying to make a client out of you” pitch. nothing like that.

and thank you. in advance.

please feel free to forward on this opportunity as well…..